Consulting and outsourcing

Most of our consulting projects are provided as a long-term outosurced service.


We offer security, software, audit and GRC (governance, risk, compliance) consulting and outsourcing services.

Outsourcing global phenomenon is become attractive even in small and medium business, analysing business activities efectivenes and service providers options (usually on a service level basis). Outsourcing offers significant operational costs reduction and allows cost-effectiveness of performing secondary operations and supporting activities by the "third parties". In order to maintain the focus of a corporation on core business (key processes) the outsourcing has been exploded specially in IT services domain.

Euridika Ltd has extensive experience in providing outsourcing services such as:

  • software quality / value / security development,
  • IT security assessment,
  • Vulnerability scaning and penetration testing service,
  • DPO service,
  • ISO service (with minimum scope of 4 essential services),
  • Internal IT audit services,
  • SWIFT CSP consulting,
  • EU GDPR consulting
  • IT consulting, etc.