Explore our software solutions designed for IT and risk governance

Our solution aligns with the requirements of the ISO 27001 security system and establishes a comprehensive GRC framework for governance, risk management, and compliance. We apply global best practices while customizing the implementation to fit the unique needs of each organization.

GRC - software system is fully developed by our team and registered with the Intellectual Property Agency.

The solution is rapidly adapting to the needs of users and collaboration in demanding business conditions.

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software interface


ilustrative list of features from GRC software options

The database supports open-source systems and a web-based application interface for existing corporate management and control systems. The basic package usually includes:

  • Business process management software
  • Responsibility assignment matrix (RACI model) software
  • Risk assessment software and risk register

Functional features of eUK software

  • Automatic import of the existing management system implementation into the software and filling in the Responsibility assignment matrix and Risk register database.
  • Overview of all activities Overview of all processes by area
  • Overview of all procedures by process
  • Procedure flowchart overview
  • Changes to Responsibility assignment matrix and Risk register
  • Automatic creation of a list of processes
  • Automatic quantification of all risks in the Risk register

Functional features of Responsibility assignment matrix software

  • Overview of all activities by procedure with activity name, description, responsible person, deadline, and required documents
  • Filtering by procedure code, activity, activity description, responsible person, and documents.
  • Application of the RACI model of responsibility according to roles in task fulfillment
  • Printing of filtered data or saving in Excel or other formats.

Functional features of risk assessment software and risk register

  • Overview of all major risks by process, risk name, risk owner, risk probability, risk severity, risk index, risk mitigation method, person responsible for risk mitigation, measurement date, valuation history, and risk mitigation method.
  • Search data by all options. Printing of filtered data or saving in Excel or PDF format.
  • Automation of individual risk assessment Archiving of risk response actions Updating the Threat register and Vulnerability register
  • Overview of previous assessments and actions from the Risk register.